2 channel phone recorder

2 channel phone recorder

Analog adaptor for voice recording.

 OM Recorder/Player v1.0
Price: 72.00

Main Features

The device is intended for record two analogue telephone channels.
Has information light-emitting LEDS: readiness and record.
The computer interface - USB.
A power supply is carried out also on tyre USB.

The data recording is carried out by OM Recorder, which has set of options depending on operation requirements (quality, volume , etc.) The beginning of record on signal level (VOX) is provided also.
A format of recorded files is MP3.
Possibility of detecting outgoing numbers (DTMF) and incoming numbers (CLIP).
Possibility of the program installation as standard Windows application, and system service.

For listening of the written down files it is possible to use any mp3 a player or to use free OM Player.