Radio alarm RS1-4

Radio alarm RS1-4

The individual security alarm system consists of object device RT4-5, individual receiver RR4-5m, power supply, antennas and is used for information transmission about condition of object device's inputs (guarded zones), its reception, indication and transmission to other devices without cable mounting.

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The system provides:

Object device RT4-5

The object device RT4-5 is designed for collecting information about guarded object, processing and further transmission via wireless channel to individual receiver RR4-5m. Besides, object device controls its own supply and in case of it's decreasing (less than 10V) transmits information about it to the central alarm receiver. If conditions of inputs of the object device has not been changed for a long time the test message is formed and transmitted to the central alarm receiver.

Individual receiver RR4-5m

The individual receiver RR4-5m is designed for collecting and processing information, received from object device RT4-5.

RR4-5m provides:

RR4-5m can perform in one of the two main modes: