GsmAlarm - GT10

GsmAlarm - GT10

Security module G7 transfers security control panel data to monitoring station via GSM network using GPRS/CSD/SMS.
Price: 111.00

Main features

Principles of operation

Communicator GT10 receives data from:

The GT10 can be connected to the serial output or common BUS of compatible control panel directly for actual event report reception.

If alarm panel is not supported by GT10 via serial output or common BUS, additional 6 zone Expansion Module or Contact ID module can be used instead.

Security module GT10 sends information, received from the control panel, to monitoring station by either GPRS or CSD or SMS. If the connection has failed, communicator will repeatedly attempt to restore it for n times (number of attempts (n) can be set). If the module GT10 fails to restore connection, the module will automatically connect to the back-up channel and send the unsent messages through it. Duration of connection or attempts to connect to the back-up channel can be set, after which the communicator tries again to connect to the primary channel.

Security module GT10 sends signals PING for testing of communication. Messages sent to monitoring station correspond to Contact ID table of codes.

Message receivers:

Module can transform the data, received from the security panel, to text SMS messages and send them up to 4 mobile phones. Text of SMS message (name of object, user names, partitions names, event descriptions) can be specified by the User.

Technical specification

CMS* - Cental Monitoring Station

Main package contents