Enigma II DR-81000

Enigma II DR-81000

The ENIGMA II DR-81000 is a multi-line, multi-format digital receiver for commercial fire and burglary monitoring.
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The standard unit consists of a CPM Central Processing Card, two LC Line Cards and a PWR Power Card. With additional Line Cards, the receiver can be enabled to monitor up to 8 telephone lines. The ENIGMA II DR-81000 can receive and decode most of the popular and commonly used communication formats.

The ENIGMA II DR-81000 stores all events with time and date stamped. All information is displayed on the large LCD screen, and the events may be printed and/or forwarded to a computer. To ensure security, all programming functions, including the adjustment of the real time clock and date is password protected.


The ENIGMA II DR-81000 Digital Receiver is compatible with the most commonly used automation software packages. The receiver has been tested to work with the following software:

For other automation software, generally, it can be used with selecting the Enigma XM88422 or the Surgard MLR2 interface.

System Overview: